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Mould Remediation

The discovery of mould in any building is not pleasant and requires immediate attention. Due to the risks associated with mould, removal requires a highly trained remediation team to address the issue to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Mould can become an issue if there’s excessive humidity or moisture for an extended period of time. The problem can also be caused by a burst pipe, or leaks from the roof or plumbing. Even high humidity can cause condensation on cool surfaces, and can trigger mould problems.

River City Environmental can remove these hazardous materials from your home or business. Our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians will address the issue following strict guidelines for mould removal. We follow the IICRC/ANSI S520 Standard for Professional Mould Remediation

Our Process

River City Environmental is an IICRC Certified Firm for water damage and antimicrobial remediation. Our technicians are experienced in residential and commercial building remediation.

We have the knowledge and experience to design effective remediation strategies to safely contain and remove mould contamination from residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. All contaminated materials are carefully bagged and disposed of properly. Once all contaminated materials have been removed, the area is treated with an antimicrobial agent to kill any remaining mould spores.

Commercial Building Remediation

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Cleaning and killing mould is only one part of the remediation process. Proper containment, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuuming, and air filtration are also necessary, as indicated by the IICRC S520 Guideline. When the application is completed, a HEPA vacuum is used to eliminate the remaining dead spores, restoring the environment to a Condition 1 status. The final step is to perform a clearance test (air quality testing) to validate that the remediation project has been successful.

Our Products

Our certified technicians use appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) while performing the remediation, and follow remediation protocols.

The antimicrobial products used during the mould remediation process are eco-friendly and registered with Health Canada. They kill over 99.99% of mould and fungal spores, while at the same time being safe for you and the environment.

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